MaxWay Performance Services

MaxWay provides individualized training programs with proven systems and implementation to ensure our clients learn safely and effectively.   With a  small group personal training format, we keep a small ratio of 5:1 to ensure that each client receives the coaching attention they deserve.  Starting with a movement assessment and goal setting session, we then write programs individually for each client with their goals, history, and abilities in mind.   With youth, adult, and family memberships, MaxWay has all the options you need to keep your entire family fit and active!


Do you want your whole family to have age-appropriate, individualized, professional training programs?  The MaxWay family memberships allow your entire family (some age restrictions) for one convenient price, all in one location.


Designed for the active and rambunctious 8-10-year-old in your family; this play-based group focused on allowing the kids to learn and explore movement in age-appropriate physical activities: obstacle courses, hanging, jumping, spinning, rocking, and rolling!


Using purposeful, personalized care to reduce pain and restore function while helping you stay active.


Building confidence and grit through strength training will translate on the field or court, and also to academics and other facets of life.  Start these healthy habits now, and start building your future, now.


Receiving an individualized training program and having a professional coach will help you to live life on your own terms and do so pain-free! 

Team Training
& Physical Education

Team training is a fantastic way to build team chemistry, culture, and resiliency for your team off the field of competition.  Your team will be provided with a program and coaching to ensure that your team is getting the most out of their off-season!

MaxWay Performance Plans

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Adult Small Group Training

Personalized strength and conditioning for adults.

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  • Functional training programs to let you live life on your own terms and pain-free.
  • Professionally written training programs for long-term success.
  • Strength training programs to work with your endurance training schedule.

Youth Performance

Dedicated youth athlete training.

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  • Teaching the foundations of strength and conditioning for lifelong healthy habits.
  • Professionally written training programs for injury resiliency and improved performance.
  • Speed development and agility training as desired.

Physical Therapy

Movement-focused physical therapy treatment.

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  • One-on-one sessions that may include exercise, education, and/or manual therapy.
  • Exercise programming and activity modification to help keep you moving when pain arises.
  • Preventative care to help reduce risk of injury in the future.


Introductory platform for our youngest up-and-coming athletes.

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  • A great way for young kids to explore movement and build foundational patterns and sensory needs.
  • Build strength through play and learning.
  • Foster their love for the gym and exercises by introducing it through play and fun!

Sports Performance

Direct and concise sports performance-oriented training to get you performing at your very best.

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  • Improve your power, speed, agility, and strength through individualized training and coaching.
  • Train through your school or team program while being coached and monitored by a professional coach.
  • Train amongst other athletes to ensure you are pushing yourself to your best.

Team Training/Physical Education

Large group training, and physical education services for school programs.

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  • Build culture, camaraderie, and chemistry by training as a team or independent school. 
  • Professionally written programs and curriculums specifically written for your team’s sport or independent school.
  • Gain an edge on the competition by keeping all your athletes strong, fast, and healthy

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