Our mission is to provide mentorship and education through strength and conditioning!

We accomplish this by providing EACH member with:

• Individually written programs
• Functional strength training
• Fitness for your entire family
• A competitive and encouraging community

About MaxWay

A message from PJ Strebel, the Owner

There is a lot to a name, and MaxWay’s name is no different.  The meaning behind the name starts with some of my favorite childhood memories.  Those were playing sports, goofing around and hanging out at the Rec Center with my friends after school. As we got older, we started to spend our time lifting weights and competing in varsity sports.
We learned to push ourselves, compete with one another, work hard towards a goal, and we learned how much fun it is to get stronger with your friends. These are my more cherished memories and these lessons have helped me immensely throughout my life.  In the picture below, you will see three childhood buddies.  Davis HemingWAY is on the left, I am in the middle, and Jacob MAXfield.
Looking closely at our logo, you’ll see that the MW also resembles the letters, PJ.. that is so all three of us could be together again.
Davis was the hardest working kid I’ve ever met in my life, still to this day. I’m pretty sure he never missed a day of lifting from 6th grade until the day he passed. Davis had an infectious smile, an unbelievable skill of talking trash, and the ability to make me work harder than anyone I’ve ever known. Unfortunately, Davis drowned in a swimming accident the summer before our junior year of high school in 2003, he was 16 years old.
Jacob was a kid who got along with everyone, he could have a room laughing right as he walked in, and everyone wanted to be around him. Jacob had a kind soul and those baby blues that everyone loved and swooned over. When Davis passed, Jacob and I grew closer, and we both fell in love with lifting. We played 3 varsity sports together, and then he went on to play 4 years of football at Endicott. Tragically, the summer after Jacob graduated from college, he fell asleep driving home late one night and passed away in 2008, he was 21 years old.
Their deaths rocked my world completely, and left me wondering why I was still here. Jacob- great personality.. better looking, so much going for him. Davis- unrivaled work ethic, most talented athlete I’ve ever played sports with, a life taken too early.  It has taken a long time to figure it out, and I’m still learning every day, but my life’s mission is to help to create an environment and allow young kids to build their bodies, their minds and spirits, while creating lifelong relationships.  
With our unbelievable team here at MaxWay, we’ve made a space where kids and families and adults can come hang out, do schoolwork, learn how to strength train, and make memories they’ll cherish forever.  We strive to create and instill grit, resiliency, and dependability with our members and give them the confidence they need to live their lives to the max!

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