Using purposeful, personalized care to reduce pain and restore function while helping you stay active.

We accomplish this by providing EACH member with:

• One-on-one sessions
• Exercise, education, and therapy
• Custom program modifications
• Preventative care to reduce injury risk
… and more!

Physical Therapy at MaxWay

Morgan is a physical therapist, strength & conditioning coach, and co-owner of MaxWay Physical Therapy located in Greenland, NH. She completed her Bachelor of Exercise Science degree at Elon University and earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Western Carolina University.

Morgan has clinical experience working with a variety of populations ranging all ages and abilities. She has worked with Crossfit, endurance, and high-level athletes, combining her knowledge as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach to help reduce pain and restore function allowing them to continue doing what they love without pause. One of her favorite populations to work with though is the individual wanting to be more active and healthier overall but is searching for some guidance.

When not in the clinic or the gym, Morgan can most likely be found outside either mountain biking, road biking, hiking, camping, or somewhere on the water.


Every 60-minute session is $135 regardless if it is the initial evaluation or a follow-up visit. We feel as though the value of care provided is the same no matter what the session entails so the price stays consistent as well.

“Why out-of-network?”

Unfortunately, the current rates of insurance reimbursement are forcing clinics to focus on quantity over quality of care. At other clinics you may see different providers each visit and can typically only focus on one ache or pain at a time. Our setup at MaxWay guarantees you will spend the full 60 minutes one-on-one with Morgan each and every visit while focusing on whatever is concerning you at that moment. The cost is consistent, whether it’s your initial visit or a follow-up, with no surprise charges or delayed bills from the insurance company.

“So, can I still bill my insurance?”

This answer depends on the insurance you have and requires some paperwork submission from both you and I but can definitely be done. We can easily create a super bill for you that some insurance companies may provide partial reimbursement for. I’m happy to answer more questions about this during the initial evaluation or a free consultation.

“Can I use my health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA)?”



You shouldn’t have to stop moving when an injury or pain arises, you may just require appropriate activity modification and guidance.

YOU are the driver of your rehabilitation and I’m in the passenger seat with you, so although I will be providing you the tools necessary to be successful, YOU will be the one implementing them.

There are many factors that can influence pain, therefore our sessions will address more than just the physical assessment.

Physical therapy should be meaningful and enjoyable so let’s get together to discuss your movement concerns and come up with an individualized plan together!

What to Expect…

Quality physical therapy is more than just massage and stretches. During our initial evaluation, I will complete a one-on-one comprehensive examination including a full movement assessment and discussion about your goals. Together, we will create a personalized plan that fits your lifestyle and day-to-day schedule best.

I will listen to your concerns, opinions, and beliefs, and use those paired with my clinical expertise to shape our plan of care. You are the priority and I am on your team. My goal is to guide you to being an even better version of yourself than you were before you met me.

Our sessions may consist of education, skilled exercise progression, program modification, and/or manual therapy to reduce pain and find movements that are tolerable to you while addressing your goals. The goal is to keep moving while treating the activity-limiting aches and pains and get you back to doing what you love!

As a promise to you, if at any time I feel as though your needs don’t fit with the services I offer I will promptly refer you to a respected specialist in the area that can better assist you.

Still not sure Morgan and MaxWay PT are for you? Schedule a free consultation phone call or visit with Morgan to get your questions answered and learn more about how she may be able to help you!